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Application fields

Heavy industry

Whether from mining to building, or from shipping to forestry, our products become the transport link that transmitting all functions of engine power system. Our products also pay an important role in cooling down the high temperature, transmitting water and gas, withstanding voltage and vacuum. Our products are widely used in the construction machinery with forefront brand and have good reputation among the customers with great brand in the world.

Auto industry

Whether for trucks, carrier vehicles, bus or even cars, our products are used to prevent or reduce all kinds of vibrations and noises the car produced in the process of moving. According to the different parts, the using of our products can be divided into seven ways: engine series, driving and controlling equipments, front and rear suspensions, car bodies, exhaust systems and other systems. The main function of our products is to absorb and reflect the vibration energy produced by vibration

Electrical industry

Rubber is a kind of high elastic polymer material with reversible deformation, it can be elastic at room temperature, it’s shape can be changed on a large scale under small external force, and it can recover after removing the external force. Advanced Elastomer Material is wildly used in sealing, heat resisting, oxidation resisting, radiation resisting, medium resisting, ozone resisting, corrosion resisting, anti-aging, high and low temperature circulation resisting and many other ways.

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